2008, what’s on the board

The Game

If 25% of the business currently in my queue, materializes for 2008, I and The Utopia Group will be very busy in 2008. The lovely ladies in the photo above are cheerleaders or “porristas,” hired by the Press2 call center in Managua, for their innovative GAME, motivational program. I spent several months in 2007 working at Press2, both as a consultant and as Director of IT for the Company.

Press Two’s President will be visiting Costa¬† Rica in Early January, to discuss working together in 2008.

There are a number of projects on the drawing board for 2008, and the possibility exist that 2008 may see me sprending more time in Costa Rica, than outside Costa Rica. This would be interesting, as the last couple of years have seen me traveling extensively. What 2008 will look like will depend very much of how things go when Press Two’s president visits.

The goal for 2008 is to see consistent revenue and to achieve some milestones, including:

1. Increasing business in Costa Rica

2. Enhancing Training Programs and Opportunities

3. Expanding the business and possibly opening an office in Nicaragua or Guatemala

We have the opportunity to accomplish all of these and more…

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The Business Adventures of an Expat Call Center Guru in Costa Rica