Finaly My iPhone is useful!

Every since I got my iPhone, I have been grousing about its obvious limitations. I still carry my Palm Treo 680 as my primary communication and life organizations tool. I read about how people had Jail Broke their phones and installed applications on the phone.


Having invested $500 in the thing, I was not about to risk, “bricking,” the phone, or relocking it, by playing a bunch of Unix tricks…

Well today I discovered these folks… Visit the site with your iPhone or iPod Touch Safari Browser, follow the instructions and BAM, you have a whole new platform. and a REAL Smartphone, instead of a fancy iPod with a phone strapped to it.

I now have the power of BSD Unix at my finger tips, and a suite of applications comparable to my Treo 680, though not “quite,” there yet.

I now have a real ToDo application. A voice Recorder, an editable calendar, and a bunch of other cool little applications. The thing is just about ready to replace my Treo 680 as my primary organizer. I still wont be able to sync ToDo’s, and the calendar is limited compared to Palm and Agendus, but I will play with it for a few days and see what happens.

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