The new Green Field Opportunity

I have been spending a lot of time in Nicaragua lately. I have been working with Press 2, a growing call center in Managua. Looks like I may be spending some major time with them over the next year, I am negotiating a long term consulting contract with them. Morten Nygart, President of Press 2, was kind enough to say a few words about our relationship, here.

The first project I started with Press 2 and a client is coming to a close, but things are working well.

the-team.jpgThe company is run by a very successful Danish Entrepreneur named Morten Nygart. Morten is one of the most interesting and dynamic business people I have ever met. Press 2 has grown from 20 to nearly 150 positions in less than a year, and his plans call for 500+ seats within the next year and a half. Grupo Utopia will be a big part of that growth, and I am planning on opening an office in Managua next year to focus on Press2 and other projects.

The roll I will play with Press 2 is as a management consultant, with responsibility for people, technology and process improvement accross the boar within the organization.

While the Utopia Group usually sets up contact centers from scratch, but in this case we, and I, are going to be able to participate in the growth and development of an outstanding organization, and to take part in the explosion of the Call Center Industry in Nicaragua, just as we have in Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

The agents pictured at right, are part of a team I helped to recruit, hire and train at Press 2, they are the first of a vanguard of opportunity in Nicaragua. Keep your eyes on these pages over the next few months as we continue to grow and develop this world class opportunity.

Make sure to take a look at the video Mr. Nygart was kind enough to film for us…

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