My Busy, Busy Life and the consequences of not treating myself every now and then…

takephone.jpgRegular readers of this and my personal blog, know that I am a very busy person. The past month has been killer, with about half of my time being spent out of the country.

I had an interesting time on my last trip. I sometimes feel guilty when spending money on technology toys like My Treo 680. I will shop and shop for months before making a decision, though I may be completely justified due to my work in spending the money. I have been looking for a high quality digital camera now for several months.  Every time I pass through duty free in El Salvador, I salivate over the offerings there, but never buy.

On my last trip, I was sitting in Nicaragua’s Airport VIP Lounge, talking with my traveling companion, who is also my client. I explained to him that I really wanted to buy a new Digital Camera, if for nothing else, to chronicle my busy life and business activities. He asked me why I did not simply buy one. And I explained to him that every time I buy a new tech toy, I almost feel like I am taking food out of the mouth of my children. He laughed and insisted that when we get to El Salvador, I should buy one. I did, and to my delight, I found a 10MP Cannon for less than $400. Unbelievable.

After adding the new small and light HP Notebook to my arsenal, I think I am well prepared for my next road trip, which should come in a week.  I have been tuning and tweaking my Treo 680 fo the last two weeks (It had become very unstable). But I may be looking at a new phone in the next few months, possibly even a blackberry. There is currently no blackberry service provider in Costa Rica, but I am considering getting an account in Nicaragua, and using the service while traveling, so the Treo 680 may retire soon.

My Contact Center Consulting business continues to be strong this year, with more opportunity than we can actually program, but I have been focusing on a few long term contracts rather than many small ones.

I anticipate that I will be working on a project in Nicaragua for at least the next few months…

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