Sync your Lifedrive with the new Palm Desktop for Vista… No really!

This article from Palm Addicts is invaluable in helping those of us with Lifedrives to sync our units.

Despite Palms recommendation I downloaded the new beta version of Palm Desktop, I Tried to sync but…. I Got a nasty Soft Reset (I’m use to it, I own a Life Drive), tried again and the same… well i tweak a little and discover that Addit Sync causes the soft reset so I turned off (configure applications in Palm Desktop) then the Syncing process continued but it freezes doing backup… so I turned off too.

How to do it?

Once all is installed (Palm Desktop) go to the taskbar right corner, you’ll find a new hi res icon for palm desktop, right click on it, right click settings, the palm desktop apps will appear, go to applications and uncheck Addit, Backup and Media (this worked for my LifeDrive).

Give it a try at your own risk.

Now you can sync.

Conclusion: Well is not perfect but at least you can install now new apps, sync your calendar and stuff, you can’t backup all your files but there are other solutions (resco backup, etc.), you can’t sync add it but you can try plucker or others. After disable Addit and Backup from syncing the sync process continues and finishes without reset, it can install apps sync docs to go perfectly (Version released today 10.001).

i_treo_narrowweb__300×5280.jpgI have almost reached the point where I exclusively use my Treo 680 for everything. But the limitations of the the small 320×320 screen can still prove frustrating at times. I also love the large capacity of my Lifedrive. When I combine it with my palm Keyboard, I have something close to the functionality of my notebook computer, with none of the weight or complexity.

My Treo 680 has become my favorite Palm EVER. While I still have not been able to get my high capacity (4GB) SDHC card to work without complications and occasional lockups, the T680 still provides me with a very powerful smart phone solution crammed with multimedia functionality.

As is usual with my tech, my Treo 680 is tricked out with the best launcher, best email application, and the Latest in Office Applications. My Treo is my office. I spend a lot of my time away from my home and office. Applications like Chattermail and Mundu Messenger, give me the tools to stay connected no matter where I am. I now use IM+ for Skype to even utilize my Skype messenger service when I am away from my computer. IM+ is not the ideal solution for skype, but for some reason the geniouses at Skype have not figured out yet that Palm is still the most popular smartphone platform in the world.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new Palm Foleo. Rumor has it that it is just a couple of weeks away.

At any rate, for now, my Lifedrive and Treo serve up a powerful combination that allows me to stay connected and productive, no matter where I am, as long as there is access to a GPRS internet connection, or Wifi in the case of my Lifedrive.

I still think Palm has made some near fatal errors in their strategy. It’s pretty clear that they do not do a very good job of listening to their fans, not even the die hard ones. If they did, they would already have a wifi enabled Treo, and the stability issues of Palm OS 5, would have been gone a LONG time ago. Their errors are legion, nevertheless, they still keep managing to pull themselves out of the fire.

At first I was really excited about the Foleo product, but after learning more about it, and seeing the reaction in the Palm User community, where it is known as the FOOLIO, I am lukewarm, but committed to buy simply because I need an alternative to carrying around my 6 Pound, Dell M65.

I also need something a bit more robust than my Lifedrive. So the Foleo will be a welcome addition to my Palm Collection, even if a flawed one. In the interim, I am glad that there is a workaround to synching the Lifedrive. It means I will still be able to squeeze a bit more life out of the former flagship of my Palm Fleet.

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