Updating my Palm Platform Stuff


Palm quietly released an update to their Java Virtual Machine today. I downloaded the upgrade and then reinstalled the Gmail client and latest version of Opera Mini. After a few minutes of weaking the Java settings, I was able to get Opera Mini running just fine. (Something I have had problems with before.)

The other major accomplishment today was installing the new Vista compliant version of the Palm Desktop software.

This was a major step for me…

1. I used a Palm Lifedrive in addition to my Treo 680, and the Lifedrive is not on the new Desktop Software’s compatibility List. Nevertheless, after following the upgrade thread on Palm InfoCenter for the last few days, I decided that thebenefits outweighed the risk, and I went for it.

After uninstalling the old version of the desktop, I installed the new version, and other than the fact that I had to manually change the default synchronization from Palm Desktop to Outlook, the system worked flawlessly. I tried to sync my Lifedrive as well, but about halfway through the process, the Lifedrive did a reset, I can not be sure as to whether this reset was caused by the Palm or the New Desktop.

I will be experimenting with it over the next couple of days to see if we can get the Lifedrive to work. It is a beta and you need to keep that in mind on installing. Obviously I am pretty cutting edge when it comes to my applications.

If you don’t mind risking your data and sanity, I recommend taking the step.

The update is well worth the effort in speed and additional flexibility for those of us running Vista. Then again, anyone crazy enough to make the move to Vista under version 1,should have no problem risking this move as well.

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