Business just keeps growing…

Looks like I will be off on another whirlwind trip in a couple of weeks.dscn0087.JPG The Call Center Project in Honduras has been on hold for about a month now, as the client works on some other pressing priorities. This has not meant a vacation for me though. In the last month I have worked with a North American Company to start the process of evaluating three countries, with the purpose of locating a telesales operation.

I have also been working with one of Costa Rica’s biggest Real Estate ventures on evaluating and developing a VOIP strategy for their telesales organization and for the companies internal use.

Looks like I will be back on the road the second week in August, and more than likely visiting some of my favorite Central American Cities again. With any luck, I may even have time to have coffee with some of my contacts and friends there.

I am hoping that we will stay at the Raddisson in Guatemala again, what a spectacular hotel, and what fantastic staff.

This coming week will be pretty hectic as I plan for this trip and evaluate some proposals for my North American Client. Things are looking pretty interesting in this project, and I am looking forward to being a part of it right up until it is operational.

In the interim, I also have a client coming in from Russia in the next couple of weeks, I need to set some meetings for him to establish a company here in Costa Rica. I dont expect it to take much time, but it must be done right, he is depending on my recommendations to ensure that he has the right contacts in country to kick his business off right.

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