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A few years ago, a man who had become like a father to me, and was my first great boss, fired me. He had reason, good reason to do so, nevertheless, it took me a while to accept responsibility for my own failures, and for the ways I failed him, he who gave me the tools to get to where I am today.

A few weeks ago, I came back in contact with him via a business networking site, and we have been sharing emails and ideas every since. John has always been a great motivator, and he has been sending me stuff for the last two weeks. All of it has been awesome, and reminds me why nearly 20 years after the fact, he remains my greatest mentor outside of Freemasonry.

He sent me this one today, and it is one of the most motivating things I have ever seen. Please pass this one on, if you know of someone who might need a little encouragement.

I only recently discovered this philosophy… The philosophy of never giving up, believing in myself and digging deep for that extra. But I have to say, as I look back, John was always this way. I recently had a meeting with a client who was very depressed. The client had had one customer abandon him without paying, and was running on fumes as far as finances were concerned. I gave him my speech about positivity and believing in himself, not giving up and fighting on.

A week later I helped him get the money owed to him, and he is now negotiating with two clients.

I have been there.

When I started my business, I was making very high six figures in the U.S., and was living the American Dream, well except for the being laid off part. Hehe… My friends all thought me crazy for coming to Costa Rica and starting the Utopia Group. The first three years were touch and go. I had clients steal from me, break contracts, make promises and then abandon them… But I hung in there. This was a time of test for me, much like the crawl the young man above just went through.

I felt the pain, and no pun intended, I spent a lot of time on my knees… Today, my business is a success. The Utopia Group is known all over Central America as one of the premier Contact Center Development companies in the region, and I have clients in three countries…

None of it came easy, and as I look back I am grateful to Mr. H. for teaching me 20 years ago, what this video teaches today.

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