Who needs an iPhone….

When you have a 4GB Treo 680.gb2-palm.bmp

A real Smartphone with all the same features of the iPhone. Not to mention tens of thousands of programs, a REAL Qwerty keyboard, and full compatibility with Microsoft Office Applications…

Not to mention the fact that you can actually use this phone anywhere in the world…. Well except for Japan. I am still having a few problems with getting the Treo to consistently use the SDHC 4GB card. But it recognizes the card and will read and write to it.

I have only used a fraction of the capacity of my 2GB card, so the 4GB card is more of a test subject at the moment. I am sure that I will discover the secret to getting more consistent performance from the HDSC Card.

I have recently cleaned my Treo of a bunch of older programs that I was not using. I have had offers to use other smartphone classs products, but stay with my Treo despite some quirks in the platform.

The ability to utilize the high capacity SD cards adds a whole new dimension to a powerful product. I find myself leaving my Palm Lifedrive at home more and more, as the additional capacity allows me to carry more files and entertainment on the Treo.

Once I am able to use 4GB card with more consistency, I will likely utilize the Treo as a mobile version of my Desktop Documents folder. That is… Unless Palm releases

The Foleo

Before I can get this thing to work right… Hehe

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