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I upgraded my Notebook’s hard disk to 120GB yesterday and decided to take the opportunity to do some housecleaning and an upgrade of the OS as well.


I did the in place upgrade of Windows XP to Windows Vista Business, using a Dell upgrade Disk. The process was long, but flawless. In about two and a half hours I had upgraded the system, refreshed drivers and was off and running. There were a few scary moments, like when it did not seem to recognize the capabilities of my Dell Precision M65’s Graphics Card. The M65 is a workstation class machine, desighned to show off the capabilities of a robust OS like Vista.

One of my clients, who recently aquired a new notebook with Vista Pre-installed, warned me against the upgrade. He told me his notebook was slow using the new OS. I have found nothing but the contrary. The M65 seems MUCH faster than my old XP install, so much so that I am impressed. This probably has to do with the fast Nvidia Quadro FX 350 Graphics card while at the Entry level of the QFX Line, is robust enough to run Vista’s graphics engine at a healthy clip. The two gigabytes of system memory is probably the most significan factor of my systems performance.

The other concern I had was about syncronizing my Palm under Vista. Since Palm still does not have a Vista Certified desktop, this was a big concern. I was not able to sync using USB, but using Bluetooth, my sync went fine. And I have to admit, I am pretty content at this point.

Did I mention the fact that I recently upgraded my Treo 680 to use 4GB of SD Memory?

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