Yep, it was a tough week!

Just in case you doubt how tough last week was


That was me on the way to one of my meetings. Real slave driver this client. Hehehehe… Or real lazy guy… this consultant guy. Hehe


Of course it was not all power naps…

It was an interesting experience, visiting three countries in four days. It would have also been interesting to include El Salvador in the mix, as they have been coming on strong in call centers in the last couple of years. Unfortunately on this trip, time did not permit much variance from the agenda. Nevertheless, it was awesome getting to see how the industry has grown in a short time. When I founded a call center in Guatemala last year, there were a few already in place, but it was not the thriving call center Mecca it is today. Nicaragua has done some extraordinary things to build its small but growing industry.

I was reminiscing last night with some industry associates about all the call centers I have had the opportunity to visit recently… One thing stands out… Most of them have exactly the same structure I first put into place at Packard Bell Electronics almost 20 years ago, and then at the Acer Call Center (First in Central America), back in 1994. Agent to Lead to Supervisor ratios, Duty Monitors, QA, the works. This makes me very proud, as it makes me feel like a proud poppa in many ways.

Its also satisfying to see how many of my people have went on to major management roles at other companies. Recently I have had the opportunity to get back in touch with a bunch of them, and many memories come flooding back. Its nice, “if somewhat tiring,” to get out there and see first hand how the industry is growing. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to promote that growth…

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