What is your Spanish Language Support Strategy?

Do you have a strategy? Are you interested in reaching, selling to or supporting a base of customers who are prefer speaking in Spanish?

The Spanish language market in the US is growing tremendously.

According to census data, there may be as many as 43 million Spanish speaking people in the United States by 2020. “With more than 37 million speakers, Spanish is by far the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. today among people ages 5 and older. It is also one of the fastest-growing, with the number of speakers up 233% since 1980, when there were 11 million Spanish speakers.”

Do you have a strategy for acquiring and servicing those clients? I have spent years developing the industry all over Central America, from my headquarters in Costa Rica. I have helped developed centers in every nation in Central America except Panama. One of the best near shore locations for BPO and Contact Center work, is Nicaragua. Nicaragua has experienced tremendous growth over the last 10 years, and has only improved as infrastructure has caught up with other countries in the region.

Nortech, a Business Process Outsourcing Firm in Managua, Nicaragua, has been in business for 9 years and has a stellar reputation for providing back office services to companies in the United States. The Center is state of the art in its technology and redundancy, and has the resources to provide outsourcing services for voice and non voice projects. Nortech has over 11,000 square feet of immediately available space, and can build out that space quickly and efficiently for any type of campaign or project.

Nortech is the type of company that creates value for its client through relationship building. Each client is treated as if they were Nortech’s only client, and their clients customers are provided with the type of individual attention that companies sometimes not provide in-house.

Nortech is positioned to provide services in English and Spanish, but provides special value with Spanish Language service, support and sales campaigns. Nortech’s staff are highly educated, cultured and professional. Many of their employees have spent time in the United States and are accustomed to the culture. Nicaraguan Spanish is accent neutral, and their agents can understand and be understood by Spanish speakers of any background.

Nortech has the infrastructure, talent and experience to provide a wide variety of services, from back office processes, voice, chat, email, social media support, to clients anywhere in the world. Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in the world and has developed technology infrastructure to support international projects of all sizes and complexities.

If you are interested in exploring ways to improve customer satisfaction, lower cost, or just to expand your Spanish Language sales and Support Capabilities, lets talk. For more information, contact me directly.

My VERY Talented Daughter

Elsie Anderson is my Superstar, and will one day be a world wide Artist. Listen to her version of this “Cure” Song and tell me what you think.

Entering a New Era in my Life

The New Me

The New Me

On the 23rd of January, 2014, I had an operation to amputate my Right Leg below the knee due to complications of Diabetes. This event has changed my life, though perhaps in ways you can not imagine. Since the amputation I have received hundreds, perhaps thousands of messages of support and prayers from people. Most whom I have never met.

I have discovered who my real friends are, and who loves me. I have also discovered who does not. I am honored and humbled by the love I have received, and unfazed by the revelations of who really does not love me. I begin this new journey alone… And yet with a host of people at my side. My children, my Fraternity Brothers and Sorority Sisters, my friends and my extended family.

Those who are not here, are more noted by others for their absence, than by me. I am whole, at peace and feeling loved. As for the Expat Guru. he will be making a comeback. Just give me some time to recuperate.

Apple is still ahead of the Curve on innovation

While some bemoan the iPhone’s perceived lack of innovation vs. the Android onslaught (Perception in my opinion), very little is said about the Mac OS, and how it stacks up agains Windows. Yesterday, Apple made a slew of announcements, including a new thinner, lighter iPad, the new Professional Desktop, some new Mac Book Pros, and Mavericks, the first of the NON big Cat versions of OS X.

For me the biggest news from this event was that they are giving away the new version of the OS! When is the last time Microsoft gave away Windows? Try never. I have been test driving Mavericks for about a week, and it is one of the first OS X versions I have tried with zero issues out of the gate. I especially love the fact that I can now read my apple ebooks on my Mac, something I never understood why they did not include earlier. There are a wealth of features in the new OS, some new like the iCloud keychain, and some improvements on pre-existing technology. But the big news is that it is Free.

Pages, the word processor from the new iWorks Suite

Pages, the word processor from the new iWorks Suite

They are also making iWork (Their Microsoft Office Competitor) and iLife (Creative Suite), Free on every Mac. I am toying with the idea of going Microsoft office free. That is how good iWork is. They also upgraded the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps for iPhone and iPad, and now have a web version as well, all integrating with Apple’s iCloud. Android fans will say that Google has had Google Apps for years. I would counter by saying yes, but they are very poor MS Office Replacements.

One of the charms of the Mac for me has always been tight integration of hardware and software. Once again they have done this with Mavericks and iOS. Is the iPhone better than the Galaxy S-4, I guess that would depend on your personal preferences and taste. For me, the game changer is once again integration of tools. iCloud is at the center of a connected strategy that makes all your tools work together in harmony. Everything from Mail to the Productivity Apps are integrated and smartly work together to provide not only a BETTER user experience, but a more seamless one. Apple is back on top…. or did they ever leave?

Walt Mosenberg’s iPhone 5s Review

I have been waiting for Walt Mosenberg’s iPhone 5s review. Despite often being called an Apple Fan Boy, Mosenberg usually delivers the technical goods I am looking for in making a decision about apple products.

Apple brings out a new top-of-the-line iPhone model every year, but a redesign only every other year. In the intervening cycles, the company tends to keep the phone’s exterior the same, but changes the innards and the software. This is one of those in-between years, but the new iPhone 5s has a potentially game-changing hardware feature and a radically new operating system.

The review does not disappoint. The Fingerprint reader, enhanced speed and new OS are all things Mosenberg believes retain Apple’s edge. I think this is all subjective. The new features are nice, and yes the new OS, at least for me, is a home run. The iPhone remains my phone of choice, but I do believe Apple has for the time being, lost their edge.

I still dont like Android. I think it is very shaky when it comes to security, and I feel better about the NSA having my Data than Google. But some of the features of the Galaxy S4 are appealing to me, especially the larger screen, but the plastic, the security holes, etc…. do not work for me. Anyway, check out Walts review, it is worth the read.

Great Article on Networking

5 Top Networking Tips

The Tips on Business Card design alone is worth the read. Check it out.

iOS 7: The iPhone’s new OS Breaks new Ground

I installed Apple’s new Mobile OS yesterday and I must say I am impressed. Back when the OS was announced, I was not thrilled at the new human interface design. The new “flat,” look, caught me flat. I thought the new icons and app designs looked cartoonish and over simplified. I am still not sure I am in love with them, but viewing them on my iPhone 5, they seem much more likable.IOS7. But lets forget about the cosmetics for a moment. My Android friends talk about customization. They brag about useful login screens. They talk about camera features. None of these things are all that important to me. What this upgrade to the OS bought are a bunch of features that I had to jailbreak to have before. I love the ability to look at my schedule, and review other activities, without leaving the lock screen. I also love the new multitasking screen, reminds me of the old Palm Pre Multitasking, where you kill programs by just flipping them away.
The OS seems faster, more snappy, even with new animations and effects. The new control center, which slides up from the bottom and allows you to control things like Bluetooth, Wifi and the new airplay is very handy. Overall, the OS just feels more modern, integrated and efficient. I need to see if the battery life is affected by all these new bells and whistles, but I think Apple at LEAST leveled the playing field with Android, and may have etched out a small lead.

Why I am sticking with the iPhone for now…

I would love an iPhone 5s, but I am going to wait for the iPhone 6. I think Samsung has edged Apple out on innovation with the S4, Android’s customizability remains a strong selling point, BUT I still believe that the iPhone is fundamentally a better phone. At least for me it is.

I don’t care that much about customization, the other features that android offers just aren’t compelling enough for me to change, or in many cases are available on the iPhone via an app. I will admit that I am no longer the Apple Fanatic that I once was… Well, unless you consider that I consider the MacBook Pro to be the Nirvana of Notebook computing. But I am not ready to abandon iOS just yet. Apple does some things very well, one of them is QUALITY, translation = No cheap plastic look and feel. When I pick up my iPhone, I feel like I am holding a Tool, not a toy. I will stick with my iPhone for now.
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Why I use a Mac

13" Macbook Pro

13″ Macbook Pro

I could give you the typical response of a Mac fan on this one, no viruses, more elegant OS, yada, yada, yada… But I wont. I can summarize my love affair with the Mac with one simple sentence… It does not get in my way. I recently wrote about workflow and tools, hope it was useful to you. Truth is, the Mac is all about workflow. It is a platform that out of the box helps you get stuff done. And it makes you look cool, urbane and sophisticated while doing so.

There is a reason why the majority of movies have the good guys saving the world with Macs. Haha…

Cool Defined

Yes I said LOOK Cool

But all that asside, the bottom line is that when I sit down with my 15 inch Retina Mac Book Pro, I know it will just work. It will boot up in seconds due to its 100% Solid State Architecture. It will connect to most wireless networks without a bunch of annoying technical maneuvering and it will integrate with my cloud services like my Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud, with minimum configuration. If my Mom were still alive, the Mac is the platform I would give her.

I can run Micrososft Office on her, some say better than Windows. But the think I love the most about my Mac is its integration, via iCloud, with my iphone and iPad. This is cloud computing “for the rest of us.”

Yes you can, and I DO, use Google Drive, Dropbox and other services, but iCloud and the Apple App-sphere provide simply the best, most robust and seamless implementation of Cloud Computing for the individual user.Combining iCloud with some of the apps and solutions I mentioned in my previous article, provides me with a whole lot of computing power and flexibility with a minimum of cost and complexity. But that is all software, why spend a premium on Mac Hardware. In over 10 years of almost exclussive Mac usage, I have never had a hardware failure. This is not to say that Macs dont fail, but I have found them to be much better built and with higher quality materials.

One of the things I often find annoying about Apple, while at the same time acknowledging that it is a strength, is their habbit of introducing new technologies before they have been widely adopted. I have two USB 3 ports and two Thunderbolt ports on my new Macbook Pro. There are currently no adapters that allow you to use legacy USB devices on a Thunderbolt port, so I often find myself longing for additional USB ports. In a year or two there will be as many Thunderbolt devices, (Hard Drives, accessories, etc), as there are USB peripherals and they will be at a lower cost and more widely available. At that point, I will be clapping myself on the back at having the “standard.” The best analogy for talking about the difference in Mac and PC for me is Toyota and Lexus. I prefer the best tool my money can buy, and I have found that power, flexibility, security, speed are all areas where the Mac excels. The fact that it is an elegant solution that also says who you are as a professional, is icing on the cake.

Update on Claro

Claro Costa Rica has offered me a significant discount until they are able to offer me decent service in my area. If they honor this commitment, I will consider this case closed.

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